Most of the time I think men are under the impression that they control
the way a relationship goes. But I want to at tell you the made at long before
you even saw her, she made sure you would see her.
Think about it like the lion and the lioness.
The female is the one with the job of killing the prey.
Unfortunately, some women have the same ideal
in mind for you.
Not to feed you but to hunt you down.
Even and more so in the church. Lurk men and women looking
for fair or unsuspecting game.
Because life is a stage for them.
Some pose as pastors, bishops, evangelists,
and ushers trust me.
I’ve seen it and been tricked by it myself.
This is a warning not to let down your guard.
Not even in church. It’s not God’s fault for this.
It’s the fault of all of those that watch and keep
quiet about evil as if they don’t see it.
No one is perfect. But some people sin like nothing;
they don’t care about right or wrong.
Whore mongers hate what is good and pure.
They use sex, and poison in your food with blood
is a witchcraft weapon. Believe it or not,
witchcraft is inside and outside of the church.
Gay men like Richard Boone, and others hunt inside the church,
more than outside the church to become a brother
with unnatural affections for the same sex.
We have to do a better job to save souls and expose
and stop the stage performances of those mascarading,
and those who are not the called according to God’s purpose.


We can save the world, one person at a time. Reach out and help someone.


I have been a victim of Domestic Violence, After the 3rd time I started wondering if it was me. And my answer is yes, it was a link between the types of people that came into my life. They were all users and abusive. They could pick me out of a line up for Co-dependency. I had a need to heal the world, heart as big as Texas. But I really had no boundaries’. If you never get to hear me lecture remember that word. Even if you are afraid you have a right to be happy and free and safe. Love yourself, protect yourself, be kind to yourself. And if you have to, move yourself. I know that it is sometime hard even now for me to stand up when someone is being a bully to me. even now as an adult, I still get that gut check. my shoulders go up and my heart pounds to think I might have to do verbal battling. But I speak to that fear. This is for the person that has no voice. This is for the women that lost their lives, their pride their heart. This is to renew my own soul. Stand up, take back and move out. Stand up for yourself and others. Take back your rightful place in the world. Move out on faith that God is able to move your mountain. One thing we need more of is not proof that Domestic Violence is a problem. But Housing for those ready to change their lives, or save them and their children.



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